Safety Regulations


Road traffic is fraught with danger so transportation of children requires even higher responsibility for school bus service providers. In order of safety transport we expect from our staff as well as our customers to comply with the following rules:

During the whole time of trip children must use seat belts and are not allowed to unbuckle their seat belts, it is dangerous!
Children are liable to behave in an orderly way on the bus and not allowed to stand up from the seats during the trip
Children are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus or to take anything to their mouth
To avoid injury children are not allowed to take any kind of cold steel or other weapon onto the bus!
Children are not allowed to damage the buses anyway!

JuniorBus Kft. as provider keeps binding on itself the followings:

It takes responsibility for the children on the trips between their school and home and driving according to traffic regulations with speed limit with special attention.
It takes responsibility for the safety and comfort equipment of the school buses, it is controlled continuously.
Buses are equipped with seatbelts and technically controlled continuously.
It takes responsibility for ensuring telephone communication with the school bus coordinator for the duration of the trip.
It is obliged to inform the school and the parents or the contact person supplied by the parents if there are any changes in the pick-up times of arriving home earlier or later than agreed.
On the buses only controlled CD Sound recording and DVD films are used.

Parents take the responsibility of

making known the rules with the children and are participating in keeping them.
It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school bus coordinator of any changes in pick-up times or other important changes.
It is the parents’ responsibility to give the name and telephone number of the contact person who is available continually.
Parents are liable for all damages children caused in the bus.

JuniorBus Kft., as school bus service does not take responsibility for valuables left on the buses.

JuniorBus Kft., as school bus service does not take on child transport if the location cannot be safely reached, due to extreme weather conditions, or if the attempt would endanger the children.

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